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How screwed are we?

Training has diminished to the lowest possible denominator. With EASA effectively killing off the self improver route for pilots, flying schools have closed and the military have reduced pilot intake due to cut-backs, flying becomes again for those who can afford to do it, not necessarily those who want to do it. With pilots retiring [...]

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Jet Blue responds to pilot shortage…4 years to RHS…

So what does an industry do when it cannot find enough qualified workers? It creates them. That’s the approach JetBlue Airways is taking in fighting the national pilot shortage. This week, the New York-based airline launched a program it’s calling “Gateway Select” to attract new pilots. Here’s the deal: you don’t actually need any aviation [...]

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Want to be a pilot? Count the cost first

Balpa warns the cost of repaying for flight qualifications is at odds with the stereotypical image of pilots’ jet set lifestyles Pilots are racking up debts of £100,000 or more to pay for their flight training that is leaving them just £500 a month to live on once they land a job with an airline. [...]

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Brace for Impact: The Pilot Shortage is Here

"When America sneezes, the world catches a cold" The idea of a looming pilot shortage is a myth. That is the message which came out of the Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit in Las Vegas this week. Sitting on a panel Chuck Howell, CEO of Great Lakes Airways and Jeff Jones, VP of Strategic [...]

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Where have all the pilots gone?

Where have all the pilots gone? That is the question the military,  some regional airlines and private operators are asking as they contemplate what they believe to be a shortage of professionals able to man their cockpits. To keep the pilots they have, and attract new recruits, they are offering hefty signing and retention bonuses, [...]

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Business jet manufactures warned of looming pilot shortage

The case for a looming shortage comes from the demand for planes and pilots. Boeing Co. projects a conservative demand for 36,770 planes worldwide over the next 20 years, including 7,550 in North America, and 13,460 in Asia. Airlines hire about 10 pilots per plane, to fly all day every day. Boeing projects a need [...]

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Pilot shortage

USA Today, July 2015: Pilots, airlines and academics are wrestling with how to recruit more trainees into the industry, out of concerns that a shortage looms over the next two decades. The projected shortfall is debatable because pilots fall in love with the occupation in elementary school and are expected to keep pursuing the profession. [...]

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Who will fly the planes?

Pilots And The Future Aviation Market Conditions: The ‘Perfect’ Storm It is now a fact that the supply of experienced pilots will reduce substantially for both the commercial and general aviation (GA) sectors over the next decade. Lack of investment in training by the industry, self funded training with poor returns for potential pilots, the [...]

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