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Why Cross the Bridge?

Monthly rosters becoming too predictable with too many hours? Quality of life eroding with family life suffering because of it? Time to take your family home? Think your only option is another airline and another roster? Think you have run out of options? You have worked long and hard to get where you are. You [...]

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Who will fly the planes?

Pilots And The Future Aviation Market Conditions: The ‘Perfect’ Storm It is now a fact that the supply of experienced pilots will reduce substantially for both the commercial and general aviation (GA) sectors over the next decade. Lack of investment in training by the industry, self funded training with poor returns for potential pilots, the [...]

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Welcome to Pilot Bridge

Welcome to Pilot Bridge. The world of aviation is changing. The pilot shortage is here, not forecast or pending, it is here. It has been made deeper and more critical by the economic crash in 2008 when the pilot supply cycle was at it lowest. However, instead of the industry investing in its future - [...]

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