• Would you consider moving from your current employment if the terms and conditions were right you you?
  • Have the terms and conditions of your current employer fallen behind your current market value or do the current terms and conditions fail to meet your expectations?
  • Do you want to take advantage of the improving job market and improve your earning potential?
  • Do you feel that another airline job is your only option?
  • Are you looking at a sustainable commuting contract in order to move you and your family back home?

Pilot Bridge understands that experienced pilots are in high demand therefore you are in high demand. Being in demand gives you the control you need to shape your future career and employers are having to compete for your skills and expertise if they are to get the right pilots for their operation. You have more choice than you might think and Pilot Bridge can help.

What Pilot  Bridge can do for you.

Pilot Bridge is specifically designed to empower you ‘experienced, commercial airline pilots’ to find the right job in General Aviation (GA). It can be a long and complicated process moving to any job but Pilot Bridge can make the move as straight forward as possible making the idea of an exciting new career, flying a modern business jet, a reality.

We will help streamline the process. We will provide you the direct contacts you are looking for in GA – owners, operators and manufacturers of state of the art corporate jets – looking for experienced pilots like you. We will support you during and after an application and help ensure that your aspirations are met with the right contract, in the right place with the right operator.

We collect and collate experienced pilots information securely and confidentially, creating a database of likeminded pilots seeking to move from the commercial sector to GA. Using this valuable pilot resource operators come to us with their requirements and we then we match their requirements to that of the pilots we have within our database and facilitate the initial and subsequent contact. We will remain involved for as long as we are needed to ensure the bridge to GA is crossed successfully and will remain a source of support as part of the Pilot Bridge Support Network (PBSN).

Pilot Bridge understands that it may not seem easy to cross over to a sector that is not familiar, one that might initially appear to be a higher risk than a move to another airline. Pilot Bridge will work with you to shine a light on the GA sector, show you the the opportunities that exist there and provide all the advice and support you will need to find the right job in the right place with the right employer.

Pilot Bridge will simplify the procedure; from the initial application, abridged interview process, to eventually securing the job that is right for you.


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