Pilot Bridge is a specialist recruitment company that targets experienced commercial pilots and facilitate their transition to the corporate sector. Pilot bridge makes the option of general aviation an accessible and viable one.

The fact is when most commercial pilots consider a career change they usually only consider moving to another airline. The perceived uncertainty and higher risk associated with a change to general aviation deters most pilots from seriously considering the option.

At Pilot Bridge we have built a safer, more secure bridge to the world of corporate flying and we provide the help and support needed to ensure a safe crossing.

Pilot Bridge connect the pilots to the jobs they want and the employers to the pilots they need.

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Pilots And The Future Aviation Market Conditions: The ‘Perfect’ Storm

It is now a fact that the supply of experienced pilots will reduce substantially for both the commercial and general aviation (GA) sectors over the next decade.

Lack of investment in training by the industry, self funded training with poor returns for potential pilots, the pilot retirement bubble, changes in commercial pilot regulations, military downsizing with focus on pilot retention are just some of the factors creating a ‘perfect storm’ in the aviation market for the supply of suitable pilots. The storm coincides with a significant rise in international demand that has required all operators to consider alternate methods of obtaining the experienced pilots with skill sets needed to fly ever more sophisticated private jets safely and securely around the world.

Historically GA has lost pilots to commercial operators when the commercial sector has been recruiting. With the commercial sector recruiting so heavily now, with a diminishing source of pilots,  GA will find it increasingly difficult to crew aircraft. This is at a time when the business aviation forecasters predict that approximately 9,250 new business jets worth over $260 billion will be delivered from now until 2022 with the trend toward larger jets with extended range capability.

Pilot Bridge (PB) aims to provide the prime crossover point for commercial pilots to access the GA sector to the mutual benefit of both parties. The benefit to GA is having a supply of highly experienced pilots, familiar with new technology, with the depth of experience on worldwide route networks and approach requirements, who can operate complex aircraft safely and securely for high value passengers. The benefit to the pilots is having access to a viable alternative to the airlines.




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