2018: Understand the Pilot Shortage

2018: Understand the Pilot Shortage2018-05-27T19:38:08+00:00

The first step in understanding the Pilot Shortage is to look at the factors that have created it:

  • High Levels of Retirements (pilots turning 65) in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia/NZ…
  • Global Aviation Growth alongside economic growth in India, Africa, USA, Asia Pacific, NZ, etc.
  • Airplane Technologies (B787, A350) enabling flights between cities never before connected
  • Massive Growth of the Gulf Airlines and Turkish Airlines
  • New long-range VIP Jets allowing the ultra-rich to cross oceans without a fuel stop
  • Massive expansion of Low Cost / Ultra-Low Cost Airlines across the globe
  • Very low salaries at the Regionals causing years of low intake levels
  • Low Oil Prices increasing airline profits – enabling short-term growth demand
  • Introduction of fuel-efficient Regional Turboprops allowing services to smaller towns
  • The growth of seaplane infrastructure and efficiencies for popular coastal communities.