Monthly rosters becoming too predictable with too many hours? Quality of life eroding with family life suffering because of it? Time to take your family home? Think your only option is another airline and another roster? Think you have run out of options?

You have worked long and hard to get where you are. You have gained worldwide experience flying state of the art commercial airliners, in all kinds of weather, to many different and challenging destinations. You are a valuable resource in an industry where demand for your skill and expertise is ever increasing and supply dramatically decreasing.

Aircraft manufactures have been warning for several years of an impending pilot shortage. Conservative figures predict the need for nearly 500,000 more pilots over the next two decades to fill the seats vacated by retirees and additional ones as airlines expand. The signs of the crisis in pilot recruitment are already there:

  • Airlines offering signing bonuses
  • Mainline air carriers dramatically raising pilot pay
  • Mainline carrier training facilities operating at 100% capacity (remaining short of demand)
  • Simulator sales breaking records
  • Reduced or cancelled services
  • Pilots flying to maximum duty hours
  • Increases in military retention incentives/bonuses
  • Airline organisations forming pilot supply initiatives
  • Flexible, commuting contracts with significant pay incentives.

“…the numbers are astounding and dramatic, we simply don’t have a system to address the pilot shortage issue” FAA.

Airlines are struggling now to find the pilots they need and supply is only going to decrease. In such a market general aviation will lose pilots to the airlines as they aggressively seek an alternative supply to fill courses.

With business jet orders to 2022 in excess of 9,000 (mainly larger, longer range models), the question now being asked by corporate jet manufacturers is: ‘who is going to fly our aircraft’?

The answer is YOU!

Pilot Bridge understands however that you will only cross the bridge if the terms and conditions are right for you; competing or exceeding those offered by the airlines, with a flexible/commuting roster that offers a safe and secure lifestyle for you and your family.

The market has changed –  YOU can take control – Pilot Bridge can help.